The Very Best Discounts for Gifts at Major-Lutie Home Physical Fitness Xmas & New Year Sale

Major Lutie, the leading supplier of top home gym equipment in the US, is having its Christmas and New Year Sale. This promotion is expected to be the biggest promotion moment of the year. Major Lutie's customers can find a wide range of affordable gifts for themselves or their loved ones.

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Major Lutie is a popular and well-known brand in the world of home gym equipment. Major Lutie's Christmas & New Year Sale is just around the corner, and it will be your best chance to find happy-ending equipment or other gifts for yourself, your family, or your friends. 

  • Major Lutie Store's Benefit is on sale right now! You can get Free US Shipping and a One-Year Warranty. Plus, we have a 35-day Return Policy on all products.

  • To celebrate Christmas and New Year, we have an eye-pleasing promotion available from December 15th to January 3rd. Our Christmas and New Year Event Landing page is located here:

  • Get 10% OFF with the code "CSNYMAJOR" on selected items from December 15th to January 3rd

There are only a few days left until Christmas, and it's never too late to put some presents on your wish-list. We've picked a few suggestions below that you might enjoy.

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Home Gym Machines at Huge Savings!

The New Year is a time for fresh beginnings and resolutions, so why not improve your fitness training? Here's some home fitness equipment you need.

MAJOR LUTIE Multifunctional Home Smith Machine Package | Smith Training System SML07

The Smith Machine is known as the "Smith Training System" and "SML07". The Smith training system is effective because it trains the body to develop its muscles evenly, preventing injuries during competition. This Smith Machine is a "unique" workout machine; it has been created to be used by people of all shapes and sizes. The weight is 325.6 lbs, providing stability needed during exercise. 

The SMLL07 can make your home workout easier with many exercises. You can do both aerodynamic pull-down and land mine movements to help you focus on those hard-to-reach muscles. The Smith Machine fitness machine also provides exercise variations and can be an excellent addition to your home gym. Its most popular exercises are the seated cable row, squat, dead-lift, and bench press.

Original Price $2519.99 Now $2419.99 (3% OFF) Save $100.

Use the code "CSNYMAJOR" to take 10% OFF your purchase.

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MAJOR LUTIE 2.2k Budget Home Gym Package Smith Machine SML02

The Smith Machine SML02 is a home gym system that you can use to exercise in your home. It is a versatile machine used for different exercises and has all the features of a gym system. The Smith Machine SML02 is perfect for people who want to get into shape but don't have the money or time to go to the gym. It's also great for people looking for a more personalized workout routine because they can create exercises with the machine. 

The Smith fitness system provides a total body workout without switching between different stations. It includes a power cage, smith barbell, cable, and squat rack for different exercises. This cable is made of sturdy aircraft cables that are guaranteed to have the optimal properties necessary to withstand long-term high-intensity use.

Original Price $2419.99 Now $2179.99 (9% OFF) Save $240.

Use Code "CSNYMAJOR" to get 10% OFF of your purchase.

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The product is designed for a heavy-duty power rack to suit their needs. We know that durability and longevity are essential to our customers, which is why we have ensured the product can stay in perfect condition for a long time. This home gym machine weighs 240 lbs and features 16 reinforced tabs for extra stability during tackle training.

Major Lutie Power Rack PLM03 is an excellent option for those looking for a heavy-duty power rack in the market today. It has all the features needed to get an effective workout, including adjustable safety bars and a high weight capacity. The product is also made from durable materials, which means it will last longer than other products today while still being affordable and within most people's budget range.

The original Price of Major Lutie Power Rack PLM03 is $1579.99.

Get an extra 10% OFF using the Promo Code "CSNYMAJOR"

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MAJOR LUTIE Power Cage Package PLM04 Newly Designed Power Cage 

Major Lutie is a fitness equipment manufacturer; they have developed a complete production process, with the design, development, and manufacturing all done in-house. A power cage is a piece of weightlifting equipment used to simulate the movement of a free weight. It is typically used by athletes and those in the fitness industry.

This product is made of commercial steel, thicker and more reliable than ordinary steel, so stability is never at risk. A power cage is a necessary tool for people looking to build muscle as it provides a lot of different exercises that can be performed. The benefits of owning a power cage are many. These include the safety and convenience it offers and its ability to provide you with a full-body workout in one place.

Original Price of Lutie Power Cage PLM04 is $1369.99.

Use Code "CSNYMAJOR" To Get Extra 10% OFF

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MAJOR LUTIE Adjustable Bench | 1300 Lbs Capacity Weight Bench PLT01

The Major Lutie Adjustable Bench is an excellent addition to any weightlifting or fitness routine as it offers a 1300 Lbs capacity. This adjustable bench is a multi-purpose bench that can be used for various exercises, including dumbbell presses, chest presses, and incline/decline presses. The  PLT01 bench is an excellent tool for any weightlifter because it allows them to adjust the height of the bench to increase or decrease the intensity of their workout.

Original Price of Major Lutie Adjustable Bench PLT01 is $399.99.

Use Code "CSNYMAJOR" To Get Extra 10% OFF

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Best of the Season Deals at Major Lutie

Major Lutie is always looking for opportunities to provide the best deals to our customers. We have just launched a new Christmas and new year sale and are offering some of the best deals of the season.

We've been feeling the holiday cheer and wanted to share some with our followers. Follow Our Facebook "majorlutiefitness" and leave a comment: "Merry Christmas Major Lutie Fitness" with Pictures or Video, for a chance to win an awesome prize. Then contact us by email: [email protected] to get three home gym accessories for free.

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Wrapping Up

This year, Major Lutie is celebrating Christmas and New Year with a Happy Ending Sale. We will have a "Happy Ending Sale" for Major Lutie Power Cage PLM04 from December 25th to January 15th. If you are looking for a Christmas present for your loved ones or want to get one for yourself, you can get up to a 10% OFF Discount on all products. It is not just about the deals; there are giveaways for customers too.

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